High-Five Rule for Banquet Hall Booking

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The selection of an ideal venue is very important when it comes to throwing a wedding reception party or holding a business event. Be it any function or occasion, the venue in particular plays a very important role. It is not just booking a hall and everything will go as planning, rather, there are various aspects that are to be taken care of before taking any final decision. If you are planning to book a banquet hall or a venue for events in Bangalore, you must follow the high-five rule. Let’s take a quick look:

1. Location: Location is the major aspect that requires a lot of hard work before you book a venue. There may be various budget-friendly locations for venues that may be very light for your pocket but is located in the city outskirts. You must understand, that the budget is the least important aspect as you have to think about your guests first. It is important to select a location that is easily reachable for your guests. And if yours is a business event, you will surely want to make sure a large number of audience is present there, in order to make your event successful.

2. Capacity: Your guest list comes handy when you are considering the capacity of the venue/banquet hall. If your venue is too small, your guests will feel cramped and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the venue is too large as compared to the number of your guests, it will surely dwarf your occasion. So, what to do? Book a venue that is proportional to your guest list, and if you are not sure how many people are going to turn up for the event, then the larger venues are a must go.

3. Ambience and Décor: Various providers offer outdoor venue services. Outdoor venues give you a flexibility of selecting various services as per your requirement. That means, you don’t have to pay for such things that are not related primarily to your event. Also, you get to choose everything from décor to lighting, making every element reflect the theme of your event. Be it a wedding ceremony, a business event, or a birthday/anniversary event, outdoor venues can be very beneficial as compared to indoor venues. However, it is worth mentioning that indoor venues have their own set of merits as well. So, based on your theme and personal choice, select wisely.

4. Offerings: As technology has advanced many folds, it is very important to be compatible with technology as well. Your venue must have all the modern amenities, e.g., charging stations, high-tech equipment, and free Wi-Fi. It is best to first recce the on-site facilities and only then go ahead with the booking. You will have a clear vision of whether that particular venue is ideal for your event or not.

5. Budget: Again, the budget is the last aspect when booking a banquet hall or venue for events in Bangalore. At this stage, you will be well familiar with the services and facilities offered by the venue and accordingly, strike a balanced deal. Also, never go for the cheapest deal as it will offer fewer amenities. It is best to compromise on budget rather than offerings.

So, follow this high-five rule and easily book an ideal venue for all your events. For in-depth information on our services, click here.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Bangalore


A wedding venue could be many things, but for most weddings, it means a place for the ceremony, functions, and reception. When it comes to shortlisting a great venue to host weddings and ceremonies, luckily, Bangalore offers some of the great options. But to select the dream wedding location that perfectly suits your preference and taste can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect wedding venue in Bangalore.

Wedding is a celebration of love and commitment. But the pre-wedding preparations can make the whole experience a bit stressful. Right from selecting the catering service and finalising the food menu to deciding the perfect wedding venue, hosting a dream wedding can get totally overwhelming.

To help reduce your stress-levels, we have put together some important points you must ask yourself while considering a venue to host weddings, ceremonies or reception.


Is the venue compatible with your idea of the perfect wedding?

Deciding the wedding venue is the first step in planning a wedding. But before zeroing on a venue, it’s important to be clear about the kind of wedding you want – a close-knit affair or a lavish one? If it’s going to be a grand spectacular venue, open lawns or a resort-kind of a setting? Besides, do you intend to imbibe a specific theme to your celebration or if you wish to make it a simple family get-together? Once you are sure about your wedding preferences, start shortlisting a few banquets, halls, and clubs until you find the wedding venue in Bangalore that perfectly aligns with your taste and budget.

Is there any other wedding party scheduled at the same time in the adjacent hall/garden?

Usually, wedding venues entertain two or three ceremonies simultaneously in another hall or location. This not only creates confusion among guests but may hamper your own privacy too. So, before you finalise the venue, it’s important that you ask the coordinator a few questions like how many weddings or functions they usually schedule in a day and how far are the halls from each other, etc. Also, check if there are other weddings or parties scheduled to happen at their hotel/club on the day of your wedding.

Do they provide any complimentary space/room when you book the venue?

This is crucial, especially if you have planned back-to-back functions on the same day and at the same venue. You or your guests would definitely need a private room to themselves where they can rest for a while or get ready for the next function. You can always check or make a request to the venue coordinator to provide a private room on the day of your function.

What are the amenities available at the venue?

Before you finalise the wedding venue in Bangalore, it’s important to find out if the location you’ve shortlisted has enough parking space and also, if they offer valet parking services to the wedding guests? Besides, find out which all amenities will be included with the venue. Will they arrange for services such as catering services, décor, music, light, etc., because if the venue doesn’t offer you the amenities that will make executing your wedding easier, it’s time you look into another venue.

Are there any construction or landscape changes planned at the venue ahead of your wedding?

It is possible that the management team of the venue you’ve shortlisted plans to make some landscape changes ahead of your wedding day. Make sure their plans don’t coincide with your wedding date.

The picturesque destination for your wedding

33462591_965055110362814_4832646168657788928_nBig Fat Indian Weddings are known for creating an aura of extravagance. They are synonymous with luxury, hospitality and opulence. More than their grandeur, they are meant to be memorable affairs. 

From deciding your attire and fixing a menu to finalising the perfect destination – the preparation and organisation is fiercely intense. Planning also includes accommodating inbound friends and family. There are two sky-high expectations that guests have at destination weddings – food & accommodation

If Bangalore is a destination that you are considering for your wedding, then we can help you strike one thing off your list. We have the perfect venue for your dream wedding along with a skilled team of expert event managers that will take care of all your needs with unparalleled service and impeccable eye for details. The state-of-the-art banquet facilities and services at our resorts are renowned for making your celebrations a timeless experience. 

We have two venues you can choose from:

1. Looking for something grand to host a lavish celebration? Silver Oak Lawns is the venue you want! It has a well-equipped ballroom with a lush lawn spread across 12,000 sq. ft. With customised menus and themed set-ups, we beckon you to a world-class experience amidst a surreal surrounding.

2. Craving a close-knit celebration with just your loved one? Fret not, Jasmine – our multi-activity venue is best suited to host intimate gatherings. 

We ensure you and your guests are taken care of at every step to create timeless, enriching memories of your special day. This is what makes us one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore.