January 28, 2020

Quirky Decor Ideas for your Mehndi Function

Mehndi functions are all about giggles, radiant colours and rock-n-roll music. It also calls for some beautiful decor to set the right mood and have mind-blowing pictures with the prettiest backdrops.

Let’s dive into the pool of ideas to make your Mehendi venue an exemplary one:

#1 Origami Decor: Whether it’s an indoor hall or a lawn, origamis are a great way to add the ambience of festivity and fervour. All you need is some printed polka or striped paper and some thread to create origami hangings.

#2 ’Do it ‘Hatke’ Floral Decor: Ditch the regular floral theme and go for something in pastel shades of flowers to keep it subtle. There are several ways to DIY floral decor ideas. You may even toss some flower sticks in mason jars and use them as the table centrepiece. A floral arrangement that spells ‘dulhaniya’ will never be antiquated. Baldachin of flowers is another perfect idea for small indoor space.  And finally, if you want to go the traditional way, use some marigold flowers to decorate the bridal swing and ta-da!!

#3 Traditional Decor: Painted earthen pots in your favourite colours, some long-forgotten embroidery hoops or pom-pom, tassels or kalire are just a few ways to add a dash of tradition to your mehndi ceremony. You can even opt to have some quirky signboards for your selfie station.

#4 Poolside Setting: A typical poolside mehndi function for the summer time is a great choice. Make it look interesting with some floating candles or accessories and add canopies to amp up the set. Add some chic vibes with colourful candle holders and streams.

#5 Personalised Theme: Go for a mehndi theme that ‘screams you.’ Have some fun painting wooden ladders, glass bottles, and thermocol cut-outs. Add vintage elements with wooden crates, old watering cans, lanterns, coffee canisters or printed colanders. Or some bling with glitter and fairy lights for an indoor function.

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