How to Plan a Candle Light Dinner!

Sep 20,2022

One of the most popular ways for couples to spend some quality and romantic time with each other is a candlelit meal. If you’re thinking about going on a date with your significant other, you must be looking at the most romantic candlelight dinner suggestions. If you are planning for a Candlelight dinner, the best option is to go to a place which gives the best ambience and comfort. Do not tell your spouse and keep it a secret. If you can pull this off, it is definite that your spouse will have the most priceless expression.


Always pick a place that is quiet and serene to make the date be filled with romantic possibilities. The Signature Club Resort is a terrific choice for a romantic Candlelight Dinner in Bangalore because it is as close to nature as it is to luxury. It is one of the best resorts in Bangalore for couples with split levels, open verandas, and courtyards, which resemble a typical Mangalorean residence. The property is also dotted with trees, flowering plants, temperature-controlled swimming pool, lush green views and is quietly nestled away from the city.

We will walk you through some ideas for your candlelight dinner date.

1. Garden

Different satisfying experiences include eating surrounded by flowers, beautiful trees, and calming landscapes. Your dinner will be much more memorable thanks to the serene vibe and garden settings. Steaks that have been grilled add flavour to your evening. Red wine is a good match that will keep you coming for more. The signature club resort offers an array of cuisines to choose from, cocktails for the dreamy night and mocktails to make your dinner more special.

2. Pool

The pool is another great option if you want a really cool and romantic setting for your dinner date. You can arrange candles on the table beside the pool for an added romantic effect. Your spouse will adore this.

3. Restaurant

Choosing the right restaurant with the perfect ambience can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a Candlelight Dinner spot in Bangalore, Signature Club Resort is the best option as it has got everything you need to enjoy your wonderful day with your loved one. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes which are delicious enough to amaze your companion. The Signature Club Resort has a variety of cuisines and drinks to choose from. The property has an open bar pavilion, a beautiful lake by which you can go for a walk, and other facilities to make the dinner ecstatic.

Music and Entertainment

Make a list of your favourite love songs if you like listening to them. It will make you feel warm and relaxed which can create a completely different experience while you dine with your partner.

All these suggestions are ideal for strengthening your relationship and spending quality time with your mate. This kind of easy-going partnership is superior and robust enough. These creative candlelight meal concepts can all be executed at the Signature club. They are equipped with all the necessities for the ideal candlelit supper date.

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