Let’s solidify our relationship into something tangible

Joining our illustrious membership opens you to the lavishness that our members receive. With the club being a stone’s throw away from the city, find your escape with us at a moments notice. We welcome you to a community of like-minded people who elevate the offerings that Signature brings to you.

Club Membership

Be part of the city’s best offering in serenity

Whether you choose our resident or non-resident memberships, experience the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation with us. From the moment you join, enjoy unparalleled access to world-class amenities in a serene environment that features lush gardens and beautiful villas. This membership, a one-time investment that is valid till 2060, extends its privileges to your family, allowing up to four members to indulge in our offerings. Moreover, should you choose, the membership can be transferred to a tenant with a one-time fee. A small monthly subscription ensures continued enjoyment of all our club’s features, from top-tier sports facilities to tranquil retreats that you can revel in for the years to come.

Corporate Membership

When your world of figures and numbers needs a getaway

Experience the healing and refreshment that you and your employees deserve. Enjoy generous discounts when booking the prestigious MLR convention centers in Whitefield and JP Nagar. With a nominal fee, easily transfer the membership to a nominee within your company, ensuring they get the same premium treatment you receive. Additionally, when you refer a nominee who joins through your membership, receive a percentage of the membership fee credited to your account, usable within any of our clubs.


Discover the expectational benefits and the unforgettable experiences that come with the membership programs at Signature Club Resort