FAQs for Membership

Q1. What types of tenures do you offer for memberships?

Ans. Non-resident members have – 3, 5 and 10 years and till 2060

Q2. Is the membership transferable?

Ans. No.

Q3. If the membership is in my name then how many members from my family are allowed to use the facility?

Ans. If you are the primary member, in this case, the others are dependant members. You are entitled to 3 dependant members. i.e. self, spouse and 2 children. (If there are 3 children, additional charges are applicable and  on case to case basis the charges may differ from 1 club to another)


Q4. Am I allowed bring Guests? Are there any charges for them?

Ans. Yes, guests are allowed to visit the venue and utilise the sports facilities on chargeable basis.


Q5. Are rooms/accommodation available at the club?

Ans. We have 45 rooms available at Signature Club Resort on chargeable basis

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