Experience the Latest Travel Trend In Bangalore: Staycation at Signature Club Resort!

Jan 18,2022

Staycation at Signature Club ResortIn 2020, avid travellers were looking forward to new travel trends. That was until the pandemic hit. Travel came to a complete standstill, with flights cancelled, resorts closing, rules on internal ‘corridors’ changing regularly, if not daily.

Last year, few acted on their travel goals, until the second wave hit the country hard. It led to the rise of a new travel trend in 2021. The term travel morphed to include more local experiences – individuals looking for a break from their usual routine and environment by enjoying some much needed time off without having to pay a premium for a vacation. Searches such as “Staycation Hotels in Bangalore have seen a forty percentage increase.

A staycation – the word which combines “stay” and “vacation” – is a getaway that does not involve getting away too far physically from one’s home, but still, explore possibilities to pause for a day or two and enjoy something new.

A day’s itinerary for a family, couple or individuals on a staycation at the Signature Club Resort includes

  • Waking up in a luxurious villa (which is a unique alternative to the best resorts in Bangalore)
  • Choosing to have a hearty breakfast at Tamarind restaurant or prepare a family lunch in the well-sized kitchen at the villa and have the meal at the thoughtfully designed private garden or enjoy a choice of beverage at Pavilion Bar or sit back and relax with favourite grub at Courtyard Café.
  • Heading to Shree Nakoda Avati 108 Parshwanath Jain temple, Tipu point on top of Nandi hill, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at the base of Nandi Hills or Devanahalli Fort where the family or couple can spend the day to experience local history.
  • Sweating it out on an array of sports that will rival the best sports clubs in Bangalore – from badminton and chess to tennis and pool – there is something for everybody!
  • Finally, guests have a choice of experiencing one of the best candlelight dinner spots in Bangalore.

Why do travellers choose Staycation at Signature Club Resort over other dayouting resorts in Bangalore?

Less Time Off Work

Staying local means there isn’t a need to take time off from work. A traveller can keep their earned leaves for another time while making the most of a long weekend with a refreshing break. Avoiding long travel to and from a property and the stress of getting into a new city or even worse – tech connectivity issues. Signature Club Resort is just 15 minutes from Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru and is equipped with high-speed internet for all its in-house guests.

More Customization Options

Customers look for customization, especially in today’s time. At Signature Club Resort, we allow guests to customize their stay and also, take advantage of add-on services during the check-in process.

Less Stressful and Family-Friendly Trips

Parents travelling with young children or teens may find travelling more stressful than enjoyable – especially to a destination after a long time. Planning something safe and secure means everyone in the travel party is relaxed as it eliminates much of the stress and hassle of planning a family vacation while keeping in mind covid safety protocol managed by the property. At Signature Club Resort, your safety is our priority. All our employees are vaccinated and we ensure all covid safety protocols such as frequent sanitisation of the premises against covid, social distancing and 100% mask up at all public & back office areas of the property.

Promote Local Tourism

“Go Local” became a trend during the pandemic. More than sixty percent of travellers wanted to explore local historical sites. Signature Club Resort actively promotes its guests to explore nearby local historic sites such as Tipu point on top of Nandi hill, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at the base of Nandi Hills, Devanahalli fort and Shree Nakoda Avati 108 Parshwanath Jain temple.

So, the next time you choose to relax, we look forward to hosting you at Signature Club Resort.

To know more about our Staycation offers,

Please call us at +91 9972305352 or

Drop an email: info@signatureclubresort.com



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