January 31, 2019

7 Factors to Consider When Selecting Conference Venues in Bangalore

The venue you choose is incredibly important for the success of your event or the conference. Here are 7 things to consider when selecting a venue for your next conference, workshop or corporate training.

Organising a conference demands a lot of planning. And, the planning begins with choosing the perfect venue that not only meets your corporate needs but also plays a big part in the success of your event. So whether you are hosting a small corporate event or your organisation’s annual meet, you’ll find endless options when it comes to shortlisting conference venues in Bangalore. But choosing the perfect one that meets all your needs can really get difficult. However, if you are looking for the best venue for events make sure to consider these seven points.


If you are considering conference venues in Bangalore, keep accessibility to the venue as your top priority. Make sure the venue is easily accessible for all delegates, taking into consideration that they may have to negotiate peak hour traffic to get there. So choose the venue that’s central and is easily connected by road.

Parking Service

The venue should have a spacious and safe parking area or provide valet parking services to the guests or delegates arriving in their self-driven cars.


While hunting for conference venues in Bangalore, you must consider the fact that many attendees arriving from distant places may need accommodation. Therefore, ensure that the venue has comfortable rooms or has some hotels/lodging options in its vicinity. If the hotel you intend to make them stay is away from the conference venue, you should consider providing shuttle services.

Amenities and Equipment

The best conference venues usually offer a host of amenities that are essential for organising a conference or an event. Hence, look for the venue that not only provides you a spacious conference area with decent seating arrangement, but it also offers specialised technical equipment’s such as audio-visual equipment, data projector, LCD screen, microphone, etc. Besides, make sure the venue has clean washrooms for your delegates.

Technical Facilities

These days high-speed wifi is the must to organise any kind of event. Therefore, select conference venues that offer technical facilities and support like mobile charging stations, etc.

Branding and Promotion

Before finalising the conference venue, make sure that they offer you ample branding and promotion opportunities.

You need to discuss branding and promotional strategies with the venue coordinator and ask them to publicise your event across the entire facility. Electronic marquee is one of the best means to spread the word. Besides, you can also place banners all across the venue as a means of branding initiative.


This is the most important aspect and should not be ignored. Depending on the number of attendees, you will find numerous conference venues in Bangalore that may perfectly fit your budget and needs. In case you have a limited budget, you can always negotiate for a better rate. However, there are venues that offer all-inclusive conference packages which makes budgeting easier and convenient.